InnoFluidics stands for Innovative microfluidic solutions. InnoFluidics is a spinoff from Eindhoven University of Technology and aims for decreasing the cancer burden by providing innovative technologies. We are building a liquid biopsy platform for blood analysis of cancer patients. We are working towards delivering the best performing technology to the market.


We will provide analysis services to clinics and hospitals. Unlike competitors, our entire workflow will be based on our proprietary technology, hence owned by us. We will also provide a bench-top analysis unit allowing the use of disposable cartridges for two options:

Option 1: Enumeration & characterization for treatment monitoring

Option 2: Option 1 + purification & collection for downstream analysis


We are developing a microfluidics‐based liquid biopsy platform relying on label‐free, fast, and sensitive electrical measurements for enumeration, purification, and collection of intact CTCs (circulating tumor cells) directly from patient blood. The platform operates as a sample‐in‐result‐out system: CTCs are detected, enumerated, purified, and collected in one go.